Introducing Coach Charlie Sullivan

  • Springfield College Men’s Volleyball Coach – 1999-Present
  • 11 Div. III National Championships

  • USA Volleyball “All-Time Great Coach” Award winner – 2015
  • 4 X National Div. III Coach of the Year winner

  • Winningest Div. III Volleyball Program in the country
  • Head Coach 2015 USA Men’s Volleyball PanAmerican Games – Toronto

  • Head Coach of the U19 Youth National Team

  • Most Div. III All-Americans, Players of the Year
  • More rookies of the Year winners than any other program in the country
  • Only Div. III player ever to make the National Team roster, AJ Nally, Springfield College Men’s Volleyball graduate
  • 2015 USA Volleyball World Cup Gold Medal Champions – Japan
  • On staff for 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medal Team – Scout Coach
  • USA Volleyball National Team Assistant Coach

Coaching Youth Sports: Guidelines to Ensure Development of Young Athletes  – 2022

Winning the Game of Belief: Cultivating the Cultural Grit that Defines America’s Greatest Coaches Paperback – July 26, 2019

Charles Sullivan, one of the winningest coaches in the history of the sport of volleyball, is a physical education teacher and sports psychology professor at Springfield College by trade. His story provides the reader with a unique approach to winning in sports and success in life, employing a knowledge of psychology to define his program and craft an unparalleled record of success that reveals the power of culture. Rather than lecture his players about research and theory, Coach Sullivan most often teaches through metaphor and stories. These stories share his experience on the court while providing a unique lens that enables the reader to capture the core values that unite all iconic coaches. Kevin Sheehan shares the research on cultural grit, not only, bringing Sullivan’s success to life, but also providing a formula for successful leadership in any field or endeavor. There are lessons in this book that can change your life and cultivate a culture of grit in your organization that will lead to success that you could never have imagined.