• Coach Sullivan comes to your gym to coach your players.
  • The only camp that a player can go to and learn directly from an Olympic National Team level coach, who has won 11 Div. III National Championships, who has a masters in Education and a teaching background.
  • A camp that the curriculum is set to serve your players perfectly.
  • A camp that the players go through a video analysis and use video of their performance as a teaching tool.
  • A camp that includes a free coaching clinic for the coaches in attendance. Coach Sullivan leaves the coaches with all his fundamental skill research, drills, and activities. Coach Sullivan will answer all questions that the coaches have.
  • A great value. Players are charged $50 a day whether it is a 2, 3, or 4-day camp. What overnight camp can compare in value at that cost?

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  • Cost is per player
  • 9am-12pm (12-1PM Lunch) 1pm-2:30pm
  • Camp can be 3, 4 or 5 days or hours modified based on your needs.
  • Coaches Clinic from an Olympic coach is Free

“Charlie has helped our program in many ways over the past three years. He inspires our coaching staff to elevate our game and integrate new strategies.  His ability to help us build a winning team that has “cultural grit” made a dramatic difference and has helped us win back to back Vermont State Championships in 2016 & 2017” Jeff Boliba- Champlain Valley Union High School Varsity Volleyball Boys Head Coach


Posted by Charlie Sullivan

Below are testimonials from previous clients. Their statements say it all!

Posted by Belle Hayward, Boys Varsity Volleyball Head Coach at The American School in London

Charlie and two assistant coaches came to the American School in London here in England, to run a three-day volleyball clinic last May 2013. Within the first hour of working with our students Charlie knew almost every students name. The players at the clinic ranged in ability from one year of experience (just entering high school) to senior varsity players looking beyond high school. Despite the different levels he was still able to hone each of their skills. Using intense drills, cues and video, Charlie worked on fundamentals as well as more advanced skills.

His energy, positive-style of coaching and clear instruction resonated with the players and by the end of the three days he had not only formed bonds with all of the players, but had ignited passion and a drive to play volleyball. Charlie also had an impact on the coaching staff. He took the time to listen to us, tailored his sessions to our needs and gave us guidance about our program and upcoming season.

We are looking forward to Charlie coming back to England and working with our players. I couldn’t recommend Charlie highly enough in either tailoring a clinic at your school or sending a player to his camp.

Posted by Matt West, Setter, Pepperdine University, USA Youth and Junior National Teams

Hey Coach, it’s Matt West. I just wanted to say thank you for all the things you thought when i was a youngster. I was looking through old emails and I stumbled on the evaluation you gave me back in 2009 and I’m still developing on some of the things you touched on even then. I just wanted to say thank you for pushing me and being hard on me because it’s paying off in the long term. Hope all is well.

Posted by anonymous, Parent of a player at Southern Regional in NJ

My name is anonymous and I am the proud parent of high school senior anonymous. In speaking with her about her Volleyball season, she made mention of the team camp that you held with Coach Maxwell here at Southern a few years ago. She said that you took the time to teach her how to pass correctly which helped her become the awesome defensive specialist that she is today. I thought the fact that she credits you was worth mentioning and although you may not remember her, wanted you to know that you made an impact on her athletically and for that I thank you.

I hope that your VB season is successful and thank you again for the time you took to coach my daughter. She is off to college next year and will hopefully find a home playing the game she loves so much.

Please send good thoughts our way as tomorrow we enter into the 3rd round of the State Championship.

Thanks again

Coaches’ Clinic Testimonial
posted by Coach Angelo Cioffaletti, Lindenhurst Boys Varsity Volleyball

As A Varsity Coach I couldn’t be happier. This was the second year Coach Sullivan and his Springfield staff traveled to our school on Long Island. His camp covers it all… fundamentals, communication, strategy, game play, innovative coaching cues and concepts all with INTENSITY. It’s no wonder Coach Sullivan holds six national titles. His demeanor and communication skills reach his players in an effective way that encourages player development with optimum performance. Our athletes always worked hard for Coach Sullivan and remained open to his coaching principles and philosophy

Coach Sullivan consistently brings new and innovative ideas to camp since he is so involved with volleyball on a national, international and professional level. My athletes and I enjoy learning from this Master Coach and consummate professional. Same time next year Coach! Thanks to you we are that much closer to our team goals!!

Sport Psychology Testimonial
posted by Lou Gianacopolos, Head Coach at Southington High School in Southington, CT

I would like to thank you for your help this past season. You were one of the contributing factors of our team winning the Connecticut State Volleyball Championship this year. At Southington, we are a young volleyball program of only eight years and have been in the championship match for the last four years.

The three prior years we have been missing that one thing to get us past the hurdle to win the championship. With your help we found that missing piece, It was getting the players to not only be physically ready, but to be mentally ready and in the correct mind set. Having you come to our school for just two sessions, teaching us sports psychology was amazing and I feel sports psychology was one of the untapped resources at the high school level.

Thank you again and the team and I look forward to having you back.

Coaches’ Clinic Testimonial
Posted by Dave Denure, Cut Shot Volleyball Club

On behalf of the Cut Shot Volleyball Club, I would like to thank you for your coaches clinic on Monday night. As our club director I felt it was important to reach the various experience levels of our coaching staff. I am confident that after your presentation that our club is more prepared to do a better job coaching our athletes. It is great to have all the coaches on the same page.

All the coaches were impressed with your organization. You not only prepared well for the clinic but your approach was interactive and fun.

Your philosophy of whole training was especially beneficial in assisting our coaches in making practice plans. The information that you presented on how to structure drills and your post practice analysis is incredible. Several coaches commented that they didn’t realize how integrate coaching volleyball could be.

My favorite exercise with the coaches was fixing their drills. It was great the coaches presented their favorite drills and our group evaluated the drills based on the criteria you had set forth. The criteria you presented made all the drills better through implementing more game like repetitions. We plan on putting together a book of drills that all of our coaches can use of course following the guidelines you presented to our club.

Since the clinic I have emailed all the coaches the charts and materials that you left with the club. It is very valuable to have all of your years of research available to our club. Our coaches are set up and ready to go.

I can’t thank you enough for coming down and presenting to our club. It exceeded my expectations and all of our coaches are better as a result of your visit.

Players’ Clinic Testimonial
Posted by anonymous

I especially enjoyed your camp, compared to others because you actually take the time to focus on the skills we need to work on individually as opposed to just our team as a whole. You take the time to break down everyone’s fundamentals one by one. I think using the video camera is a great idea because a coach may tell us “your taking too many negative steps ore your approach is “goofy footed” and a camper may reply ok, when most likely it will mean nothing to them. However, when we are able to see what we are doing right and wrong it is a lot easier to correct. Thanks again for a great camp.

Posted by anonymous, Space Needle Volleyball Club in Seattle, WA

Charlie, I want to thank you for the great clinic you ran in Seattle! In my son and my opinion it was the best clinic so far. Your covering of fundamentals and video review helped my son to improve his approach, his swing, his defensive and blocking skills. I wish we can have you back every month!

Posted by Eric Maxwell, Head Boys and Girls Volleyball Coach at SE Regional High School, NJ

Coach Sullivan spent two full days with our girls’ program and two also with the boys. I couldn’t have been more impressed. Coach Sullivan was incredibly prepared as every drill and task had true merit and meaning behind it.

He packed a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the game into two days of basic drills, competitive drills, game situations, and even video instruction. Charlie’s organization and command of the gym had my players’ attention right from the start until we were finished at the end of day two.

There was an excellent flow from drills to video instruction to game play and no wasted down time. Coach Sullivan kept the players’ attention throughout the sessions with a nice mix of the technical aspects of the game with a fun approach and great sense of humor. From a coaching standpoint, I enjoyed it as much as my players. Coach taught the group as a whole, but also spent much time working with individuals.

Our program, both boys and girls, thoroughly enjoyed Coach Sullivan’s two-day mini camps.

Posted by Scott McDonald, Head Coach-Girls Varsity Volleyball at Kingswood-Oxford School

Camp Sullivan was absolutely the best way for the players in our program to get a jump start on our season this year. Charlie Sullivan’s systematic approach to skill development was perfect for the wide range of abilities in our program, and his energetic and positive coaching style won our players over immediately. It was remarkable how much teaching he was able to pack into just 3 short days, and without exception, everyone in attendance came away with a solid base of skills to carry into the season. Personally, I found Charlie’s analysis and explanations of skills to be invaluable as freely shared many of the lessons he has learned from coaching at the college and international levels. As a coach at the high school level, I found Charlie’s slogan, “less is more” to be highly effective at simplifying and streamlining my players’ techniques. With the convenience of having a camp in our own gym, and its very reasonable cost, Kingwood-Oxford Girls Volleyball will be making Camp Sullivan a regular part of every pre-season. I encourage any high school volleyball coach looking for a convenient and highly effective way of strengthening their players fundamental skills to bring Charlie Sullivan on board.

Posted by Mark Schlabach, Iroquois High School JV Coach and Varsity Assitant

Coach Sullivan came to my school Iroquois High School in Buffalo, New York last summer and ran a great clinic that included boys from our school and surrounding schools as well. I asked Coach Sullivan to review the fundamentals with our players. I coach the JV team and I am the assistant varsity coach and all of our players needed to learn the keys for all the skills. The major difference with Coach Sullivan’s camp is that he covers the fundamentals extensively and makes it enjoyable for the camper. As the campers learn the fundamentals for all the skills their performance increases significantly. Some of the many teaching supports that coach Sullivan uses are video review, statistical analysis, and as a PE teacher, college and international coach he brings a wealth of knowledge to the gym.

My players loved the clinic and have asked to have Coach Sullivan back next summer. The cost is much less expensive than many camps and the individual attention Coach Sullivan gives our players rather than a counselor is incomparable. We are expanding next summer to include four more days. Two days will be dedicated to high school girls and two days for our middle school boys and girls to learn the fundamentals. We could not be happier with the product that we received. We used the drills and cues that Coach Sullivan introduced to us for the entire season!